I lie like the best.
Hey hi hello.
EDS/POTS/Gastroparesis/Medical mystery

Somebody asked me how I was still alive today lol

it’s been a hard 19 years





but imagine waking up next to this

i would cry. a lot.

bubu ;;

sdjhkgfsdgdfjghkdfhgsdfj <333
I'm Not Okay Extras [Version 1]

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Ah I’m already so happy with my new gastroenterologist that I saw today. The prof that I was seeing in London recommended him because I needed a local dr and he is such a nice guy and he actually knows what EDS and POTS are. Like literally I didn’t even have to explain them a little!!! And he has new ideas for me to try and medications and he’s one of the first doctors to look at me and say that we actually need to do something about malnutrition right now like this is very unhealthy and nobody has really focused on it before. He was just a very straight forward dr and knew what he was talking about.

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